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Standard documents

Our standard documents collate available research on a subject matter including requirements, rules, guidelines, characteristics, and many others. 
These documents are meant to serve as companions to learning materials produced by LMSL, and capture holistic scientific insights into life management science topics on their own. 
They consist of the most comprehensive theoretical and practical studies on several elements of life management science, following the framework set by the Institute for Life Management Science.

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INSIGHTS magazine is the official publication of LMSL. The magazine features articles that provide science-backed, practice-driven solutions to real-life problems — from the self to the home and beyond. The articles are written by research specialists of the ten labs of LMSL and are published daily.



Test and improve your knowledge of life management through our quizzes on ten innovative life labs. Based on the answers, we will recommend elements and courses that will help you on your lifelong learning journey. Browse through and select the labs that interest you. We have all the quizzes you’ll enjoy here!
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