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Welcome to the LMSL Community

Joining the LMSL community means having an environment where you can connect with fellow life champions and exchange life management science topics. Plus, you will gain a fresh perspective on how to navigate the roadmap of life with the help of our products.

We believe that independent learning improves confidence and promotes creativity. Thus, we offer a range of courses that you can learn from to get more knowledge on the different pillars of life management science. However, learning together makes you more connected, reassured, and fulfilled.

We are the first to join this community, as we are the first champions of LMSL products that we created with passion. We also believe in the power of this community in opening discussions on topics that matter and helping people in their life exploration journey.

How The LMSL Community Can Be Useful To You?

  • Each member of the community will be surrounded by diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds that can influence their experiences and perspectives. Being part of a community full of different individuals will allow you to learn and become familiar with new ways of living and thinking.
  • You will have a space to post questions about life management topics, join in meaningful conversations, and share the courses you’ve completed.
  • Science-based activities and challenges developed by the researchers of ILMS ‘ The Institute for Life Management Science’ will be shared in the groups to help you in your exploration journey.
  • Receive free templates and reports.
  • You will be the first to hear about new product releases, blog posts, and other cool stories.
  • You’ll get access to 10 private groups. Each group is about a specific topic (Personal, Family, Relationship, Personal Productivity, Personal Resilience, Home Administration, Household Management, Happiness, Wellbeing) where you can choose one to two groups that you want to join.
  • You will get free access to webinars with experts in the field that will help you improve in one of the 10 life topics that we have at ILMS through live facilitation and group discussion.
  • You can chat with the other members with our private messaging feature and make new friends from all over the world.
  • Last but not least, joining the community means also getting occasional special offers on the LMSL courses.

Who can join the LMSL community?

Anyone interested in the ten topics of life management science, whether you are a student, a practitioner, therapist, researcher, or seeking self-help. This community is the place to be, everyone is welcome as long as they respect our community guidelines.

Join our Community now.

Access is free and allows you to expand your knowledge and get special rewards.