Our Structure

The Life Management Science Labs is comprised of a diverse group of professionals from several departments such as Multimedia, Publishing, Marketing, Creative, Project Management, and more.

These departments all work together toward the same goal: to become lifelong companions that provide a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and an anchoring point for answering life’s questions. We aim to achieve this by creating offerings that will help members of our community worldwide.



The Multimedia team consists of diverse but like-minded individuals who use their voices to help people worldwide navigate their way through life. They produce not only 10 podcasts but also course videos for the 10 Labs.


The Publishing department is responsible for publishing articles for LMSL’s magazine website, Insights. The department also produces standard documents for courses representing elements of each Labs.


The Marketing team is the key to bringing the LMSL universe to our community. From website development, and social media engagement to community building, the Marketing team works closely with all departments to ensure our offerings get to our community in the right way.


The Creative team translates LMSL’s aesthetic direction into our offerings so we can bring the LMSL universe to reality. They work closely with Multimedia and Marketing to produce creative assets and ensure our brand is conveyed and perceived in an unconventional and futuristic way.

Project Management

With several projects happening simultaneously, the Project Management team supports all departments to plan, track and deliver all projects and products timely so they can go to our community as we promise.


As the LMSL universe has a lot to achieve, our team is constantly growing. We are always on the lookout for individuals who align themselves with our vision. We are still in the process of formulating teams that are in art, science and technology.
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