LMSL Identity

Who we are

LMSL, the Life Management Science Labs, is an organization aiming to empower people all over the world to transform their lives based on the research by The Institute for Life Management Science, which identifies and structures all aspects of human life into a comprehensive architecture.

Our Values

01 Aesthetic
02 Practical
03 Fun
04 Community
05 Clarity

06 Impactful
07 Multicultural
08 Disruptive
09 Sustainable
10 Inspiring

Our Mission

Operate an unconventional science, art, and technology-driven network of innovation labs, providing life management science inspired products and services to millions of delighted champions.

Our Vision

Enable good lives across ages for the millions of champions in our community and beyond, through applied life management science and by becoming a lifelong companion that provides a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and an anchoring point for answering life’s questions.

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