As a research organization, the Institute for Life Management Science (ILMS) seeks to identify and systematize every facet of human existence. Across its network of ten Centers, it aims to establish the discipline of Life Management Science through interdisciplinary research combining managerial science approaches with social sciences.

Based on the work of ILMS, which analyzes and organizes all aspects of human life into a holistic architecture, the Life Management Science Labs (LMSL) packages the insights from this architecture into a wide range of educational offerings.

LMSL is on a mission to empower individuals all over the world to transform their lives through its ten Labs. Together, ILMS and LMSL employ scientific knowledge
to guide people in their daily lives through developing their understanding of such knowledge while utilizing practical tools and resources.

Our view is that the Centers provide the intellectual fuel, while the Labs bring in expertise in product design, product innovation, market research, community outreach, and so on, to make this happen.

LMSL was founded as a startup with the goals of launching and operating a number of brands, expanding into new markets, and serving as a form of innovation engine and public face for ILMS in the commercial and international spheres. The Labs that correspond to the respective Centers serve as vital partners in building a community around Life Management Science.
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